Often, it seems that the bathroom is a secondary piece in a house whose design does not require much attention and is summarized in the choice of models and materials in an almost predefined distribution. We, as architects and interior designers, vindicate the importance of the main bathroom as a space to take care of yourself in privacy. But at the same time, we bet on the much-forgotten bathroom of courtesy as a singular bathroom space. A space that surprises visitors and flee from the strict functionality in conditions of limited available space and needs of the client, the stairlifts in the Manchester area are one of the best to provide a sense of independence and confidence in your own home.
A bathroom is a key room in any home where it serves a fundamental hygienic function, but it is also a place to relax by taking a bath or a shower and getting ready. It is curious that in the public sphere, outside our homes, let’s talk about “the services”. Referring to the service, we focus on the function. But at the same time, and surely we are able to remember some examples in bars and restaurants, certain public baths are examples of uniqueness. It is about taking the opportunity to play with the majority expectations about a “public service” and provoke surprise with its design. We defend this practice as a value for interior design and its implementation also in the residential area.

In Coblonal we have worked in different interior design projects and in all these the bathroom has always been treated with a special importance, as a propitious stage to look for the singularity.

Next, we make mention of some examples and strategies in the distribution, choice of materials and decoration to make the bathroom of your flat, premises or business a unique space, a singular bathroom.