The First Meeting

We will discuss who we are at BCC, and show examples of our work. The customers will discuss their needs, desires and what they expect from a contractor. BCC will present (ballpark) estimate ranges for the construction costs, as well as a list of past customers with similar projects. Many customers choose us at this point, but if not, they may decide to enter into a preliminary design and/or budgetary estimate agreement, depending on whether or not they already have a firm design.
(See Fee Schedule.)

Notes on Estimates and Bidding
BCC does not provide free estimates or designs, nor do we bid against other contractors. Our designs and estimates contain proprietary, restricted information, protected by copyright law. We are chosen for our reputation as supported by extremely satisfied clients, our design ideas, knowledge of products and building science, and our ability to fulfill the dreams of our customers.

The Second Meeting

  • Signed preliminary design/budgetary estimate agreement.
  • Take measurements
  • Explore and prioritize customer’s needs and desires.
  • Explore customer’s style

Third and Subsequent Meetings

  • Design options
  • Product options
  • Budgetary estimates

Final design/plans

  • Contract price and allowances
  • Specification list
  • Contract

Throughout this process we develop a reciprocated contract in order to achieve our customer’s budget. This may entail altering the scope, the design, the materials, or the amount for allowance items (materials, labor, subcontractor). The customer may decline to proceed and back out at any time, and thus is responsible for all costs incurred (contract agreement price and any additional hourly charges)..